What exactly does Magic do when it’s syncing?
Magic reads your entire repository to provide completions - not just the current opened file. Respecting your “.gitignore” and “.magicignore” files, Magic reads your repository code to give you your unique coding assistant that knows your codebase. We don’t share your code with anyone and we have strict internal access controls.
Will you show me completions from closed-source code?
No, we don’t train our models to produce closed-source code.
Do you use my project to further train Magic’s AI?
For paid-tier customers, Magic does not train models available to anyone outside your organization to produce closed-source code. Your code is yours. Free-tier users’ code may be used when we train our AI models.
How is my code stored? Is my synced project stored securely?
As developers, we understand that your code’s security is important to you. We handle your code using encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-transit, with the most modern encryption standards, to ensure it won't fall into the wrong hands.
Any other questions?
Contact us.